SC3r | 3 User | 3.5 CFM


Oil Free Air Compressor System

Users 1-3
CFM 3.5 @ 80 PSI
PSI 80-100
HP (KW) 1.75 (1.3)
AMP Draw 5 Amps
Voltage 230 or 115V (Field wire for either)



Dean Dental System’s Compressor offers these invaluable features and more:


Our stackable design is 70% smaller than other dental compressors. It’s so quiet no one in the office will even know it’s running.


Upgrade installation kits can increase the size and capacity of this compressor. As the practice grows, so can your compressor.

Leading-edge electronics

Our Variable User Technology senses the number of users and adjusts to meet the air demand. It also manages hours evenly across each pump so that no one pump is used more than another. This helps extend the life of your compressor while increasing the value of your investment.

Intelligent controls

A modern touch screen gives you full control while providing you with real-time feedback on your systems performance and health. The system can be monitored at the factory providing you extra peace of mind.

Reliable proven performance (Modern industry)

Our best-in-class system components far exceed dental recommended guidelines. In fact, more than half a million of our air pumps are in service today. Because all our compressors have a dual-chambered, Advanced Absorbent Tube drying and filtration system, you won’t have to worry about dust or moisture in your lines. Others’ desiccant beaded and membrane systems can be overwhelmed with use and heat reducing their performance. With Dean, you’ll enjoy cool, clean, dry air for years to come.

Reduced maintenance

An annual maintenance checkup by your trusted dealer service technician keeps your system running at peak performance.


Additional information

Weight 160 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 23 x 27 in
AMP Draw

5 Amps


230 or 115V (Specify with Order)

Circuit Size

15 Amp

Dew Point (PDP)

-40 F

Duty Cycle


Radiated Heat

3800 BTU/Hr Max

Ambient Operating Range

32 – 104 F



Brochure / Flyer

Technical Specification

Quick Install Sheet

Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual






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